The most powerful air-cooled generator in operation today, GE’s TOPAIR turbogenerator has accumulated operational experience from more than 570 installations worldwide. It's a robust machine that provides high reliability and maintainability.

The economical choice

The TOPAIR has multiple cost advantages over hydrogen-cooled generators due to its high power rating and efficiency.

Continuous improvement

The TOPAIR air-cooled generator uses the latest advanced technology, leading to an enhanced power range and increased efficiency at limited product cost.

Proven operational flexibility

From demonstrated robustness and reliability over many years in all operation modes with more than 570 units installed globally.

TOPAIR Turbogenerator

TOPAIR air-cooled generators have distinct advantages over hydrogen-cooled generators. One of TOPAIR’s key differentiators is a power output range that usually is found in larger and less cost-effective hydrogen-cooled generators. This is the result of continuous, evolutionary development that has pushed the limits of power output while enhancing efficiency and controlling investment costs.

At the same time, the TOPAIR is simple and easy to operate and maintain. Because of its short production time (featuring parallel manufacturing of the stator and casing), pre-assembly, and ease of transport, the flexible TOPAIR can be up and running quickly. This reduces construction and commissioning time and accelerates the flow of plant revenue. TOPAIR units are available in standardized sizes, with different capabilities and performances.

To learn more about the TOPAIR air-cooled generator, reach out to GE Power today.

TOPAIR Air-Cooled Generator Product Specifications

Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Power Factor 0.8 0.85

Apparent Power

70 MVA to 430 MVA 80 MVA to 360 MVA


Up to 98.9% Up to 98.8%
Terminal Voltage 11.5 kV to 22 kV 13.8 kV to 22 kV
Reliability1 99.911%


1 Average reliability calculated according to Standard IEEE-762 from measurements collected from 304 TOPAIR units between 1990 and 2012 by the independent company Strategic Power System.