GE’s generators are high performance, reliable, experienced, and reliable machines. Our generators have successfully operated in more than 2,000 projects worldwide, providing different power output levels and cooling media depending on customer needs. Designed to help lower plant investment costs, our generators enhance operation and limit maintenance costs.


Technologies Bring Added Value

GE’s generators use technologies and contain features that save customers both time and money.

Based on many years of proven experience and continuous feedback from our customers, our technologies often are shared among different product families, as shown in the following three examples.

Tubes in Stainless Steel for Stator-Winding Cooling

Used on GIGATOP 4 and 2-pole generator

The cooling tubes in the stator winding of GE’s GIGATOP 2-pole generator are made of stainless steel, so they can’t corrode, and the risk of clogging leading to an unplanned forced outage is eliminated. GE is the only manufacturer to offer this feature.

Self-Retightening End-Winding Support

Used on TOPAIR, TOPGAS and GIGATOP 4 and 2-pole generators

GE’s generators have self-retightening end-winding support, which allows thermal expansion of the bars while simultaneously tightening the winding in radial and tangential directions. This system saves maintenance time for the generator end user, avoids forced outages, and increases plant availability on the grid.

Concave-Convex Wedges

Used on TOPAIR, TOPGAS and GIGATOP 4 and 2-pole generators

The concave-convex wedges used in GE’s generators have a unique design that sustains pressure on the stator bars. This constant pressure prevents radial movements of the winding, avoiding a forced outage from insulation breakdown while cutting maintenance hours and increasing plant availability.


GE’s generators are designed to meet all relevant standards, regulations and grid codes that may apply in specific 50 Hz and 60 Hz countries

GIGATOP 4-pole generators

GE’s solution for half speed nuclear steam turbine. They are the largest generator installed worldwide.

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GIGATOP 2-pole generators

GE’s enhanced solution for coal power plant applications and full speed nuclear turbines

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TOPGAS generators

The high power output of this product family provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional hydrogen-water-cooled machines.

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TOPAIR generators

Precise and robust machines offering high power output and efficiency in many different applications.

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TOPACK generators

Ideal for applications demanding simple, packaged and ready-to-install generators

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