Steam Turbines

GE’s steam turbine platform offers a broad product portfolio that accommodates a wide range of applications—coal, nuclear, and biomass power plants and industries—as well as site and heat sink conditions.


Power and Performance

GE has supplied more than 30 percent of the world’s installed steam turbine capacity, totaling more than 930 GW of power production capability to date in operation, and making us a world leader in the development and application of steam turbine technology.

For more than a century, we have consolidated the best available technology from numerous suppliers into core platforms that support our advanced, innovative, efficient and reliable steam turbine solutions.

Our highly qualified and specialized engineering centers and factories—in key marketplaces around the world—enable us to provide an exceptional portfolio of steam turbine products.


Increased Efficiency

Continuous improvements to the water steam cycle are supported by our broad rear stage portfolio.

Our advanced 3D blading platform helps enhance the load grade and customize the flow path for project-specific conditions and increased performance.

High Availability and Reliability

Advanced lifetime assessment procedures reduce maintenance and increase turbine availability.

Our long-term testing program validates material behavior to help ensure high reliability of our steam turbine components.

Enhanced Operational Flexibility

Advanced fracture mechanic methods provide reliable lifetime assessment of the steam turbine components and increased cycling capabilities.

An enhanced blade groove design reduces thermal stresses for increased rotor life.


Our Steam Turbines are also a vital part of GE's Smarter, Cleaner Steam Power.

Advanced Technology 

GE has introduced many core features that have become steam turbine standards.


Welded Rotors

Our welded rotor technology was introduced in 1930 and has stood the test of time with no ruptures reported in our large diameter rotors.

This brings:

  • Stress reduction during thermal transients for faster and more frequent load cycling capability.
  • Better access for ultra-sonic testing equipment, translating to higher reliability.

Shrink Ring Design

Our shrink ring design allows for a rotationally symmetric inner casing resulting in: 

  • Reduced distortions while clearances are maintained during operation—providing sustained higher efficiency
  • A more compact design with smaller wall thicknesses for flexible load cycling and faster startup times

Single Bearing Design

Our multi-casing turbines have a single bearing between each turbine section for:

  • Avoidance of load shifting for higher reliability
  • Efficient shaft alignment for reduced construction time 
  • Shorter overall turbine shaft length for lower building costs

Advanced Blading

Innovative blading technology is apparent in our:

  • Modern, three-dimensional profile design that results in higher efficiency
  • High pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP), and low pressure (LP) front stage blades that are milled from a single forging for excellent mechanical integrity and higher reliability

A complete portfolio to meet your needs

The result of decades of continuous development, GE’s steam turbines can cover a large spectrum of applications: non-reheat platforms, reheat platforms coping with ultra-supercritical parameters and nuclear steam turbine platforms. From 100 MW to over 1,900 MW, we have the solution for our customers’ needs.

GE’s STF-D Series Reheat Steam Turbines

GE’s STF-D Series is a modular product platform for utility reheat steam turbines in the 100 to 1,200 MW power output range

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GE’s STF-D250 and STF-A200 Non-Reheat Steam Turbines

GE’s STF-D250 and STF-A200 steam turbines are all about flexibility, making them versatile while robust, from 100 MW to 300 MW output

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Arabelle Nuclear Steam Turbines

GE nuclear power conversion solutions for large and very large reactors are based on our Arabelle steam turbine technology platform

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GE’s D200 Nuclear Steam Turbine

Our D200 steam turbine has a long track record of performance and reliability for medium-size nuclear reactors

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