Power Plants Solutions

We put over 100 years of steam power expertise to work, generating power that is reliable, efficient, as well as easy to integrate and operate.


Integration capabilities to deliver efficient and reliable power plants

Our Plant Integrator approach is based on our ability to combine GE’s components and auxiliary equipment into fully enhanced and integrated systems. Our 100 years of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction of new power plants results in a systematic continuous improvement of GE’s components and standardized/pre-engineered solutions. This leads to improved performance, as well as cost and delivery time reduction of our offering to our key markets and helps our customers achieve and exceed their objectives.

Unique integration capabilities:

  • Broad in-house product portfolio – all major plant components jointly developed to work as one unit.
  • Demonstrated high efficiency plants meeting local requirements. 
  • Flexible offerings – from single OEM components up to full turnkey power plants.
  • For coal power plants:
  • Global flue gas chain management from boiler to stack – controlled emission footprint

Coal Power Plant

From individual components to the full turnkey plant, GE provides integrated offerings for power output from 100 to 1,200 MW across a wide range of fuels for steam power generation.

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Nuclear Turbine Island

Whether a customer requires a turnkey turbine island or a single component, GE can provide a fully customized combination of engineering and equipment.

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