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PressureWave Plus™ | Boiler & HRSG Tube Cleaning

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Improve Boiler & HRSG Efficiency

Boiler deposits of iron oxide and ammonium bisulfate on the flue gas side can lead to tube fouling of boilers and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). This reduces the heat transfer efficiency and increases backpressure on an adjoining gas turbine. Additionally, it lowers the boiler and turbine efficiency, which can lead to higher operating costs.

A heat exchanger cleaning system is required for an effective boiler tube cleaning solution. GE offers innovative boiler cleaning tools such as PressureWave PlusTM, developed by BANG&CLEAN® Technologies AG, that uses pressure waves to penetrate deep into the tube bundle for a more effective and efficient boiler cleaning. 

How PressureWave Boiler and HRSG Cleaning Works

Pressure wave cleaning for utility and industrial boiler and HRSG tubes is done with a special lance, which is inserted into the spaces between the tube bundles. A bag at the end of the lance is then inflated with a mixture of combustible gases which are remotely ignited. The resulting pressure wave and ultrasonic tube vibrations dislodge and clean the deposits from the boiler without damaging the boiler tubing.

Pressure wave cleaning is much faster than the traditional method of CO2 blasting—it can be done in about half the time—and it requires no internal scaffolding. This heat exchanger tube cleaning technology is also much more effective at removing corrosion, as the pressure wave cleaning can reverberate into areas previously unreachable by other industrial boiler cleaning methods. With cutting edge boiler cleaning equipment, GE strives for the best clean for any boiler tube, regardless of condition.

Huge Savings Benefit

GE's innovative boiler tube cleaning technology PressureWave PlusTM will help you to save on fuel cost spend. Using link below, you can now estimate the amount of savings you can achieve in 5 years for your plant implementing our boiler cleaning solution.


Benefits of PressureWave Plus™ Boiler & HRSG Cleaning

  • Applicable to all boiler and HRSG types

  • No scaffolding required

  • Cleans deeper into the tube bundle, also in areas which cannot be reached by other technologies

  • More effective boiler and HRSG cleaning than traditional CO2/dry ice  blasting methods

  • Cleaning can be done in half the time compared to other methods, without damage to boiler tubing

  • Fast mobilization

  • Reduced gas turbine backpressure

  • Improved heat transfer and increased plant performance

  • Cost-competitive


For more details on the advanced technology behind PressureWave PlusTM boiler & HRSG tube cleaning, download our Fact Sheet and Case Study

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