Xtend™ Hot Section Upgrade - DLE


The Xtend™ Hot Section for LM/TM2500 Base DLE 1.0 engines increases the hot section life to 50,000 hours, reduces lifecycle costs, and increases site availability. By utilizing advanced hot section technology from the LM2500+G4, the Xtend™ DLE has improved materials, coatings, and enhanced secondary cooling. Additionally, the Xtend™ DLE combustor and fuel nozzle kit is available as an option for gas-only applications.


  • Availability
  • Reliability

What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Doubles anticipated LM/TM2500 Base DLE hot section life.
  • Reduces lifecycle cost 15% by eliminating one hot section repair/exchange in each MOH cycle.
  • Greater availability from avoided hot section replacement downtime – 144 hours of operation over two MOH cycles.
  • Incorporates technology advancements from Xtend SAC, including the deswirler.
  • OEM-approved life extension.

How we get you there

  • The LM2500 Xtend™ High Pressure Turbine has over 2 million operating hours during more than 10 years of use.
  • Advanced hot section technology from the LM2500+G4 provides:
    • Improved materials
    • Coatings
    • Enhanced secondary cooling
  • Introduction of a new deswirler.
  • Xtend™ DLE 1.0 combustor and fuel nozzle kit available as an option for gas-only applications.

Applicable Turbine Models

  •  LM/TM2500 Base DLE

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