6FA Advanced Gas Path

Increased output, efficiency, and availability, while reducing fuel consumption and extending your gas turbine assets with GE’s Advanced Gas Path (AGP). This offering also qualifies for GE’s ecomagination* portfolio by helping meet growing power demands while maintaining the low emissions footprint. 

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What Can Upgrading Do for You?

  • Improved combined cycle gas turbine output up to 4.2%.
  • Improved  combined cycle gas turbine heat rate up to 1.2%
  • Increased availability and lower maintenance costs due to 32,000 factored fired hour (FFH) and 900 factored fired start (FFS) intervals. 
  • Reduced emissions with less fuel needed to generate same MW’s on an absolute basis. 
 * Values are relative to 6F.03 gas turbines

Applicable Turbine Models

  • 6F