Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Service Solutions

Solutions from GE’s Power Services business ensure that your gas turbine can fulfill its full lifetime potential, anywhere in the world. We address your priorities with proven technology and solutions and a global-local presence to enhance the competitiveness of your plant. 

Gas plant flexibility


Through evolutionary technology we are increasing the competitiveness of the installed base with new and improved parts, spares, upgrades, and software solutions. Our technologies boost reliability and flexibility, reduce the environmental footprint and cut cost of production by increasing efficiency and the intervals between inspections. 

We can support you with lifetime extension and upgrade solutions to optimize the performance and operational flexibility of your gas turbine turbine in today’s dynamic markets. 
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Maintenance & Repairs:
As a flexible, competent service partner, our goal is to deliver service excellence and to respond with unmatched confidence and speed to minimize outage time and improve your plants’ performance. 
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We provide the full range of standard, upgraded and tailor-made parts for heavy-duty gas turbines. 
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Multi-Year Agreements:
We connect your plant's physical assets with digital technology to enhaned guaranteed outputs and give greater flexibility for your plant's specific long-term goals. 
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In addition to our own installed base of GE’s B-, E-, F- and H-class turbines, we offer advanced solutions for gas turbines from other manufacturers. Our cross-fleet portfolio includes:

  • Expert maintenance and repairs services utilizing our global network of repair facilities and dedicated cross-fleet field resources
  • Patented GE technology that increases maintenance intervals, efficiency and flexibility
  • Digital solutions, including monitoring, diagnostic and analysis capabilities at the turbine and plant level
  • Multi-Year Agreements (MYA)

Our outcomes-based multi-year agreements connect your plant’s physical assets, from multiple OEMs, with digital technology under a single set of terms to provide you with greater flexibility

More than +1000 non-GE assets currently being monitored (including Siemens gas turbines)

We hold MYA contracts with gas plant customers to service their Siemens and MHI equipment, guaranteeing improvements in asset performance and customer services over the life of the contract

Customer Benefits


  • Increase output as much as 14%
  • Increase efficiency up to 2%
  • Extend maintenance intervals up to 32,000 hours


  • Efficiency gains up to 1%
  • Increase output up to 210 MW
  • Extend maintenance intervals out to 48,000 hours
  • Offset performance degradation up to 3%


  • Record of 99% reliability 
  • Increase output up to 10%
  • Increase efficiency up to 3%
  • Parts life extension up to 96,000 hours
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