Gas plant flexibility solutions

Adapting to local resource mixes, cost constraints, efficiency goals and regulations requires intrinsic flexibility to enhance the value of your operations. Our portfolio of Fleet360* total gas plant solutions is centered on the broad flexibility you need to consistently achieve successful outcomes throughout your plant’s operating lifecycle, and together, we can help you navigate the dynamics transforming the power generation industry.  

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Operations and Maintenance

Fuel Flexibility
Gas turbines and batteries: a perfect pairing
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Whether you prioritize making your plant more competitive, lowering costs or ensuring long-term reliability, our global, adaptable solutions are customized to help achieve one or all of these goals to drive your operations forward. Take advantage of our flexible portfolio of solutions to expand your own reactive capacity!

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Gas plant operational flexibility

Operational flexibility

  • 10-minute start-up time
  • 10% gas turbine turndown
  • 6% better part-load efficiency
  • 70% load range with emissions and frequency response compliance
  • Immediate response with zero spinning reserve
  • 2.5x faster ramp rate
  • 3x greater fuel flexibility
  • 15% lower minimum load
Gas plant commercial flexibility

Commercial flexibility

  • Multi-year agreement models enable total plant flexibility to drive long-term profitability
  • Financial risk-sharing models
  • Exchange, lease and off-the-shelf asset management programs
  • O&M services at nearly 48 sites representing 33 GW
  • On-demand solutions for virtually any gas plant, anywhere
  • Packages from a single part up to total plant solutions
Gas plant service flexibility

service flexibility

  • Global expertise with local support for more than 90 other OEM brands
  • Local footprint with 10,000 field services experts worldwide
  • 5+ million hours of annual global repairs capacity
  • Up to 50% outage cycle reduction
  • Online visibility to sites, maintenance and projects
  • Upgrades within existing footprints
  • Customer training for self-service maintenance


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GE and A2A: Blend of hardware and software breathes new life into decommissioned Italian plant

faster ramp rate
efficiency improvement
flexibility and response time

Three years ago, A2A, Italy’s biggest multi-utility company, was forced to shut down its Chivasso facility due to limited response time to grid demands. The site required more robust flexibility, improved efficiency and lower emissions. 

GE worked with A2A to create a hardware and software-blended solution that brought the Chivasso plant back to life.