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Cross-Fleet Gas Turbine Solutions

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Why GE?

With one of the largest services portfolio in the industry, GE's Power Services business can now deliver solutions to support your Siemens and Mitsubishi cross-fleet gas turbines.  We have invested in over 300 dedicated engineers and a full field service team to support your cross-fleet equipment. As an alternative to your OEM, we can be your single service provider that understands your challenges and has the flexibility to solve any combination of needs throughout your plant’s lifecycle. 

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Service Solutions for Siemens and Mitsubishi Gas Turbines

Our cross-fleet gas turbine capabilities span inspection services and outage support, while applying patented technologies to help our customers improve asset performance.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Expert maintenance and repairs services utilizing our global network of repair facilities and dedicated cross-fleet field resources
  • Patented GE technology that increases maintenance intervals, efficiency and flexibility
  • Tailored Digital Solutions, including monitoring, diagnostic and analysis capabilities at the turbine and plant-level
  • Outcomes-based Multi-Year Agreements (MYA) that connect your plant's physical assets with advanced digtial technology 

Our outcomes-based multi-year agreements connect your plant’s physical assets, from multiple OEMs, with digital technology under a single set of terms to provide you with greater flexibility.

  • More than +1000 non-GE assets currently being monitored (including Siemens gas turbines)
  • We hold MYA contracts with gas plant customers to service their Siemens and MHI equipment, guaranteeing improvements in asset performance and customer services over the life of the contract


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Our cross-fleet Capabilities

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Total plant capabilities

GE is committed to providing our cross-fleet customers solutions for the total plant, including gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and HRSGs. 

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Readiness to serve

GE has invested in over 300 dedicated engineers, a full field service team and the GE engineering support network and remote monitoring team to support cross-fleet equipment.

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GE expands the value of your existing asset through patented technology to increase maintenance intervals, efficiency and flexibility through it's application of GE's proven F-class and H-class technology. Examples include: 

  • Proprietary alloys and coatings
  • LIFESIGHT* creep detection
  • Automation and machine-learning algorithms
  • Diagnostic insights

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