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Maintenance & Repairs

for Aeroderivative Gas Turbines

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GE aeroderivative repairs have always been performed to the highest possible OEM standard—but with our new Asset 2.0 maintenance philosophy, we’re setting a new level of quality for outage services. Part of the Fleet360* portfolio, our new repair offerings provide true fixed-price maintenance with dramatically reduced turnaround time. By delivering asset flexibility, speed, efficiency, and optimization, GE enables you to benefit from improved output, performance, cost savings, enhanced maintenance, and enhanced availability.


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GE’s new aeroderivative gas turbine repair offerings—based on the Asset 2.0 maintenance philosophy—offer a broader portfolio of true fixed price maintenance solutions to reduce downtime through shorter lead time and exchange. This faster and more flexible suite of offerings includes: repair by module exchange, 50-day major overhaul, a wider set of engine exchange solutions including partial-life asset, and a flexible lease program designed to suit your unique operational needs. Our goal is to give you quality maintenance solutions in the shortest turnaround time with the lowest cost risk, backed by the security of GE standard warranties.

Take a look at the aeroderivative repair solutions we offer:

Repair by Engine Exchange

  • Meet your diverse operation cycle requirements with new, fully-refurbished and partial-life engines
  • Reduced engine downtime – one 2–3 day outage
  • Buyback value offered on exchanged unit
  • Eliminate spare and lease engines

Fast Turnaround Service Center Repair by Module Exchange

  • 50-day major overhaul and quick turnaround repair by exchange modules
  • LM6000, LM2500 & TM2500 on-the-shelf modules ready to serve
  • Unmatched Service Center repair capability
  • Fast return to service 
  • No change to engine serial number
  • GE assumes cost risk for large engine parts and flow path airfoil replacement

Fast Turnaround On-site Repair by Rotable Exchange

  • On-site repair for your hot section, high pressure turbine (HPT) rotor, HPT stator, HPT stage one and stage two nozzle, combustor, and turbine mid-frame modules
  • Eliminates your need for a Service Center visit
  • Reduces your engine downtime - one 1-3 day outage
  • Eliminates your need to stock spare module assembly

Firm Fixed Price Repair 

  • True fixed price, with no cost surprise
  • GE assumes cost risk for large engine parts and flow path airfoil replacement

During your maintenance, GE also offers new flexible lease programs like short-term lease membership and backup leases, and long-term leases that provide customized outage management solutions to fit your unique situation. 

Flexibility: We offer the most flexible repair options for aeroderivative gas turbines, while reducing your risk and improving turn times. 

Experience: GE has more than 40 years’ experience with more than 3,000 aeroderivative gas turbines in the fleet. Our extensive investment in condition-based maintenance brings proven fleet reliability and optimized life-cycle costs. 

Inventory: GE’s large, most diversified inventory pool—with lease engines, exchange engines, rotable modules, and used serviceable materials—yields greater speed and flexibility from initial quote to service delivery.

Outcomes: As the OEM and service provider for our aeroderivative fleet, GE has the unique ability to take on risk of cost uncertainty for customers, while still guaranteeing performance outcomes.

With these foundational principles, GE repairs, based on the Asset 2.0 maintenance philosophy, focus on providing even greater customer value:  

Improved availability: We provide fast and flexible maintained solutions through a suite of exchange and lease solutions. 

Cost certainty: True fixed-price repair allows GE to assume cost risk for large engine parts and flow path airfoil replacement 

OEM knowledge sharing: Experience improved quality and reliability, guaranteed outcome, and reduced lifecycle costs through condition-based maintenance.

Our Service Center support is unmatched in the industry, and our worldwide network can provide you with quick turnarounds and convenience. Our Centers of Excellence have the capability to overhaul and repair GE units with quick turnarounds, and are certified to the Aerospace quality standard AS9100. Learn more about our aeroderivative repair centers in Houston and Brindisi.