Born from aviation technology, our aeroderivative gas turbines may not fly, but they can certainly travel. Our portfolio features highly flexible and mobile technologies for customized solutions to a wide variety of applications, including utility generation, marine propulsion, district heating, grid stability, and mobile power. Benefit from the support of a single service provider with 40+ years of experience- and 100 million operating hours of insights- to understand the full impact of your installation, aeroderivative gas turbine maintenance, repair and upgrade activities at a plant level. Our team is prepared to meet your industry-specific requirements and provide reliable turbine services whether they be for peaking power, flexible response to immediate grid demands or simply to keep your operation up and running at a proven 99% rate of reliability. 


Repair and Maintenance: From outages as short as two days—with module and engine exchanges—to customized off-season outages, equipment leasing, upgrades, digital solutions and repairs, our network of global service centers and field service teams combine the highest quality of expertise and technical aero gas turbine support with timely, flexible solutions and predictable repair costs.

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Turbine Leasing: Our lease program is designed to help customers reduce overall life cycle costs and provide a cost-effective method for maintaining unit availability.  Learn More >

Upgrades: Our upgrades solutions can boost performance and reliability, deliver better efficiency and flexibility, and extend asset life. Whether you need to upgrade your existing engine with our Repower solutions, or improve load balancing, you can explore our gas turbine upgrades tool in the link below. Simply select the aeroderivative turbine of your choice, and discover the upgrades that give you the outcomes you’re looking for.  

Multi-Year Agreements: Our tailored strategic Fleet360 Multi-Year Agreements (MYA) are designed to help you focus on your core business, delivering productive outcomes including plant profitability, competitiveness on the dispatch curve for utilities, and long-term reliability for industrial sites. Discover our range of coverage options>

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