Reliability and versatility—in one containerized solution.

Our off-grid hybrid power system provides sustainable energy in microgrid applications where power islands are needed, such as remote villages and hard-to-reach operations, but can also provide increased reliability when grid supply is inadequate.

Hybrid power solutions that light the world

With 1.2 billion people currently living without electricity, and a further 2 billion with electricity access that’s unreliable, the need to power everyone is greater than ever. However, for more than half the unconnected population, getting access to the power grid isn’t going to be logistically or economically feasible. But within the challenge of rural electrification lies an opportunity.

Enter GE’s renewable hybrid energy system, a distributed power solution. It’s a versatile, containerized power system, containing a package of diesel, solar, and battery resources that can be configured from 15kW to 250kW. Its hybrid controller automatically ensures the lowest cost energy source is prioritized, saving time and resources. Additionally, it comes with the powerful capability of remote monitoring and diagnostics through Predix, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet.


Our hybrid power system is designed to provide sustainable energy in microgrid applications where power islands are needed, such as remote villages and hard-to-reach commercial and industrial operations, but can also provide increased reliability when power grid supply is inadequate. Whether your goal is to bolster your current power supply with a reliable blend of energy or tackle rural electrification with off-grid energy, GE’s hybrid solution is there to keep the lights on.



Quick installation

Can be commissioned within hours of arriving on site.


Lower operating costs

compared to conventional diesel systems.


Remote monitoring and control

Eliminating the need for local supervision.


Easy scalability

Through paralleling of multiple units as demand grows.

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Reliable & diversified power

For when you need maximum availability!

GE’s hybrid power solution contains specialized electronic controls that gives you a wide range of power output up to 15kW, 30kW, 50kW, or 250kW. The 20ft container includes a pre-configured generator and an optimized combination of energy storage with external solar modules to meet your local requirements.

See below for additional benefits of off-grid power and solar electrification:



Quick delivery and system integration


Optional weather monitoring equipment to optimize solar and storage integrated in each unit


GE’s Predix allows for remote monitoring, and lower operating expense


Comprehensive after sales service & support that minimizes your downtime


Solar panel mounts with flexible configurations up to limits of power electronics


Lead acid battery pack in an air conditioned, thermally insulated cabinet

Product specification

Size Frequency Solar (Max) Battery Capacity Diesel

15 kW

50 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)

15 kWp

100 Ah

18.75 KVA

30 kW

50 Hz (+/- 3 Hz)

36 kWp

100 Ah - 400 Ah

30 KVA

*In addition to the 15 kW and 30 kW units, we also have larger 50 kW and 250kW containers.

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Tayabpur Microgrid

Bihar, India

GE and Tata Power recently teamed up on a rural electrification program to identify certain villages in India which are not electrified or partially connected to the grid. The objective of the program? To find the ideal balance of intelligent technologies and energy capacity to deliver cost-effective solutions to these communities based on specific load profiles.

The resulting Tayabpur microgrid hybrid distributed power solution located in Bihar, India powers 180 households using a combination of solar, energy storage, and variable speed diesel generation. It includes core technology from GE’s wind business, and was developed and further enhanced at our global research center in Bangalore, India.

Compared to traditional technologies of integrating solar and diesel, GE chose to integrate a variable speed diesel engine with solar and energy storage. Bolstered by the power electronics that we have modified from our wind business, GE’s hybrid distributed power solution can operate at higher efficiencies at lower load conditions. The outcome is a significant reduction in operational cost for our customers.

Currently, over 240 million Indians are still living off the grid. While specific to community microgrids, GE’s hybrid distributed power solution can also work in different markets such as health care clinics, small-to-medium sized businesses, and telecommunication towers.


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Download “Powering Everyone: Providing Light to the Village of Rakuru”—an in-depth look at GE and GHE’s partnership to provide electricity to ten remote villages in Ladakh.

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