The 7F.06 gas turbine provides higher output and efficiency than any other 60 Hz  F-class gas turbine. With the 7F.06, you get both flexibility and performance in a turbine that’s designed to match the quality and standards that you’ve come to expect from GE’s other F-class heavy-duty gas turbines.


The 7F.06 provides the highest MW rating and efficiency across the entire ambient range for F-Class turbines.


The 7F.06 provides the most full-load MW, the fastest ramp rates, the most MW in 10 minutes, the lowest turndown, and the highest F-Class efficiency – all while operating at 9ppm NOx and CO emissions.


The 7F.06 turbine provides greater capacity for flexibility, including renewable energy support, and its fast ramp capability of 50 MW per minute further expands its flexibility.

7F.06 Gas Turbine

Power plant configurations may differ, but one of their goals remains the same – to attain the lowest life cycle cost in the right size for your project. The 7F.06 is GE’s most powerful and efficient 60 Hz F-class gas turbine and benefits from over 40 million hours of GE 7F experience and 2,000 hours of full-speed, full-load validation testing.

  • F-class operating and emission levels deliver extended operation between planned maintenance events at 32,000 hour and 1,250 start intervals
  • Built on the 7F.05 compressor, GE’s industry-leading DLN2.6+ combustion system, and H-class derived four stage hot gas path
  • Significant flexibility enables specific power and exhaust condition customization for each project
  • An optional air-cooled generator provides simplified installation and maintainability
  • Modular systems afford faster and easier installation with 10,000 fewer man-hours than traditional gas turbine applications
  • Faster, more efficient maintenance through a quick-removal turbine roof, field-replaceable blades, and 100 percent borescope inspection coverage for all blades
  • Simplified dual-fuel system uses less water, eliminates recirculation, and uses enhanced liquid purge to enhance dependability and reliability
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