LM6000 Hybrid EGT™

The world's first battery storage & gas turbine hybrid.

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GE Power Services business, together with Southern California Edison (SCE), recently announced a plan in collaboration with Wellhead Power Solutions, LLC, to install the world’s first battery storage and gas turbine hybrid. The goal: to quell concerns around changing regulations and grid requirements following California’s Aliso Canyon energy emergency. The plan will reinforce California’s grid, resulting in increased renewable energy and fuel savings.

“GE’s new LM6000 Hybrid EGT product fits well with SCE's objective of providing cost–effective, innovative solutions that enhance grid reliability, flexibility, and fast response to our customers,” said Phil Herrington, Vice President of Generation for Southern California Edison.

As part of the two project solution,GE will install a 10 MW battery energy storage system in the LM6000 Hybrid EGT followed by gas turbine controls upgrades to integrate the two systems. The combined solution provides contingency reserve and other grid support mechanisms while the gas turbine is not in operation, saving fuel and maintenance cost, while reducing greenhouse emission, negatively impacting our environment. 

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“This is truly a best-in-class joint effort by Southern California Edison, our partners at Wellhead Power Solutions, and multiple GE businesses to enhance our technology and add Current’s battery storage system to existing GE turbines,” said Eric Gebhardt, Chief Platforms & Operations Officer for Current, powered by GE.

As California pivots toward solutions in the wake of the Aliso Canyon energy emergency, GE’s Power Services is well-position to support the state’s efforts as the regulations on natural gas and storage are developing.

“With our total plant solution's capabilities, we are able to help California increase its grid efficiency and help SCE deliver more affordable energy in a changing marketplace,” said Paul McElhinney, President and CEO of GE’s Power Services.

The battery energy storage system is expected to be installed and operational by the end of 2016, and the updated and integrated turbine controls are scheduled to be operational in early 2017.

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