GE Helps Power Economic Transformation In Egypt

Egypt is on the verge of an economic transformation. The country is embarking on a series of ambitious infrastructure investments that will help it become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. 

Across the country, the Egyptian government is supporting economic development opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses that will provide for the Egyptian people.

Faced with a need to reinvigorate its economy and meet the demands of a young and growing population, GE is helping to power this transformation through a major contract with the Egyptian government for 46 turbines: 34 aeroderivative gas turbines and 12 heavy-duty gas turbines, which will help to generate more than 2.6 gigawatts of electricity – equivalent to power for more than 2.5 million homes.

Like other countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa, demand for power in Egypt is rising rapidly, but access is challenging because of lack of capacity. In countries where power demand outpaces supply, GE is providing cutting-edge technology that will address immediate power needs while investing in longer-term solutions.

In Algeria, for example, GE embarked on a $2.7 billion project with an affiliate of Algeria’s national electricity and natural gas company to boost the country’s electricity generating capacity by 70 percent. Under the first phase of the program, GE was able to provide two fast-track programs that provided much needed power for the peak summer season. Once those initial needs were met, GE was able to supply heavy-duty combined-cycle gas turbines for nine power plants, adding almost 9 gigawatts of generating capacity.

GE is taking a similar approach in Egypt, starting with efforts to bring accessible, reliable power to rural parts of the country. In these remote cities, business owners often find it difficult to hire and grow their companies without reliable, affordable power. Ultimately, this impedes economic mobility and, ultimately, economic growth.

To bring power to these areas quickly, GE is providing power that will enter the grid as early as May 2015, in time to meet the rising electricity demand during the summer. These turbines will be provided in locations throughout Egypt.

Many of the turbines are mobile, such as the TM2500+, which GE refers to as a “power plant on wheels” and provide scalable, portable power generation that can be set up quickly.

In addition to these “quick-response” efforts, GE will also outfit existing power plants with new turbines that will allow them to produce electricity more efficiently.

“We are building on our 40 years of supporting Egypt and proud to be bringing 2.6 GW of critical, multi-modal power in support of the Egyptian Power Boost Program,” said Steve Bolze, president & CEO of GE Power. “From signing to service in five months, this project demonstrates our capabilities and confidence in delivering on projects of this size and speed, as we did in Algeria. We are making great progress in Egypt on the build out, and it will be one of the fastest project executions of this scale in our history.”

With a strong presence in the country for over 40 years, GE has partnered on several leading public and private sector projects across Egypt. Today, GE’s advanced gas turbines help generate more than 9.0 gigawatts of electricity, nearly 30 percent of the country’s total installed capacity.

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