From greenhouses, to coal mines, to offshore and onshore oil and gas rigs, our power generation products are everywhere. We help our customers do their jobs with confidence, knowing they have the turbine and engine experience and expertise of more than a century behind them. 


Landfill and Wastewater Treatment

In our increasingly populated world, waste is unavoidable. But instead of just letting it rot, now you can put it to work in ways that actually help the environment and fuel your business at the same time. Generate heat and power with GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines or Jenbacher gas engines operating on captured landfill and sewage gas, reducing conventional fuel use and environmental pollutants—all while yielding high levels of efficiency.



Specially modified Jenbacher gas engines and aeroderivative gas turbines are a big win for the coal mine industry, and a big win for the environment. Mining coal is a dangerous, dirty job, with the methane gas byproduct usually vented to the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. But with GE’s modified aeroderivative gas turbines and Jenbacher gas engines, mining operators can capture hazardous coal mine gas and use it to generate more than enough heat and power for safer, more efficient and environmentally friendlier mining operations. And excess heat and power can then be routed to a district heating system and public utility grid to earn additional revenue.


Steel Industry

Demanding energy needs and their rising costs constitute a major challenge to the steel industry. To meet the challenge, the high volume of coke, blast furnace, and converter gases created in steel production can be captured and used to efficiently fuel power generation. In addition to the economic benefit, using these gases to power engines instead of simply disposing of them reduces industrial CO2 emissions. GE’s portfolio includes aeroderivative gas turbine and Jenbacher gas engine packages that can run on these gases, helping the steel industry to operate more efficiently and cleanly.


Agriculture & Food Processing

GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines and Jenbacher gas engines provide cogeneration that enables you to realize the maximum economic and ecological benefits of using biogas for power generation. Customers all over the world have discovered that leveraging the biogas that comes from the fermentation of organic waste in agriculture, food and beverage production, and other industries, they can efficiently create heat and power as a reliable alternative energy source to power their business.



GE’s products are fueling life itself, in greenhouses growing food and other plants. The benefits of cogeneration for greenhouses go well beyond heating and lighting. Implementing combined heat and power (CHP) systems with aeroderivative gas turbines or Jenbacher gas engines, you can efficiently power greenhouses and use the CO2 engine exhaust to fertilize the plants—a truly green solution. You can even earn additional revenue by routing excess power to the local utility grid.


Oil and Gas Industry

In today’s ever-changing landscape of oil and natural gas operations, economic efficiency and environmental protection are paramount. Backed by more than a century of experience and innovation, GE’s Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines and aeroderivative gas turbines provide more reliable, efficient, environmentally friendlier power generation in the full range of mobile and stationary applications, including mechanical drive. Whether running on oilfield gas direct from the ground or on transported liquid natural gas, our engine packages can be found offshore and in the remote corners of the world powering operations upstream, midstream, and downstream.


Power Generation

GE's collection of industrial and small gas turbines gives utilities, industries, and communities around the world the ability to generate reliable and efficient power—even in the harshest of conditions and under the most challenging operating requirements. Serving the 18 MW to 143 MW range, these turbines are backed by GE’s 125-year technology heritage with a commitment to deliver reliability, performance and efficiency in every solution developed. Whether your need is combined heat and power systems, fast power, or even biogas, our range of products has what you need.

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