New Non-Conformance Solution

GE is working on deploying a new NCR tool, integrated with our SAP ERP System, PowerMax (PMx). The deployment to all Supplier community working with the Legacy Alstom Steam and Gas businesses will happen on September 5th, 2016.Suppliers will be informed of the steps to access the new tool and user credentials by e mail once they are defined in the new tool. Creation of new NCRs for Steam and Gas projects in the existing tool will be discontinued on Friday, September 30th.

Please note that the legacy Alstom Thermal Service Business will continue using the Lotus Notes NCR database until further notice.

Please use the following link to access the new NCR tool:


  • Alstom Thermal Power PowerMax Non-Conformance Database

  • Legacy Alstom Non-Conformance Solution

    Clear, transparent and efficient communication between GE Power and its Supply base is a key lever to optimize our mutual processes and foster a spirit of teamwork. The following link allows for collaboration between GE Power and its supply base.


  • Alstom Thermal Power Legacy Non-Conformance Database